Justin Andresen | COO

Justin is a longtime recruiter and full-time awesome. He enjoys long walks on the beach and cherry candy AirHeads. He is not very good at golf, but he tries his best. Sometimes, late at night, he often ponders of trying out for American Idol and traveling the world in a van and gracing the people with his music. His favorite color is blue, his favorite ice cream is cake batter, his favorite person to watch get angry is Gino, and his favorite person to make fun of is Courtney.


The strongest muscle in Justin's body is his heart. If he is not yelling "I love you" across the office, he has his arms wrapped around you in a big bear hug. Good thing we are too small for HR (winky face).  Sometimes, he also recruits!


Justin obviously doesn't take these bios seriously, but we promise he will take you seriously!

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